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Mike Henry looking out over ranch

The family’s interest in horses started over 130 years ago when my great-grandfather raised horses for a living. The ranch has since evolved into raising quality commercial Black Angus cows and top quality Quarter Horses. The horses compliment the cattle program as we use our horses on the ranch as well as in the arena.

We believe in speed and intelligence and our mares are mainly race bred.  We believe in the need for the foundation Quarter Horse in our mares as that is what gives them their ability to cow. We strive for excellent conformation and feel our stallions, Frenchmans Easy Doc and Casino Heist, will compliment our mares.

Our mare herd started with mares acquired from Kenny Allison from Gordon, Nebraska. Kenny spent 40 years of his life developing mares that had plenty of speed, good minds, and the ability to do anything that was asked of them. We had purchased many Allison horses in the past and had used them with great success in the rodeo and roping arena. 

At the end of 2008 we purchased four outstanding Quarter Horse mares from Bob & Barb Daniels. They have been in business as K Cross Quarter Horses since 1978. These mares are daughters of BULLY BULLION, RONAS RYON, ROYAL QUICK DASH and LANES LEINSTER. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to make this purchase!   Like Barb & Bob say, "The only time speed hurts a pedigree is when it's not in it!"
  The Henry family: (Front) Susan, Laurel and
Garrett - (Back) Blake and Mike

Garrett Henry with his horse "Skippy".
He was the NIRA Central Rocky Mountain Region
Steer Wrestling Champion for 2005. His horse
"Skippy" was the 2005 AQHA Horse of
The Year for the Central Rocky Mountain Region.

Randy Allison (heels), Mike Henry (header).

Our two boys, Garrett and Blake, are actively involved in the performance horse business. Their events are tie-down roping, steer wrestling and team roping. Garrett is a member of the PRCA and he and Blake are actively involved in the breaking and training of many of our young horses - riding them at the rodeos.

Our whole family is involved in training, promoting and competing on 88 Ranch Performance Horses. We are blessed to have many ranch miles for our horses making them great arena horses later in there career.  Giving our horses ranch riding before they go to the arena allows us to build a better horse and make sure they are mentally and physically ready for the arena. 

We lost Mike in 2009 after a brave battle with brain cancer. His love for good horses still lives on through his family. The great herd of horses we have today are a direct reflection of his hard work and passion for good equine athletes. He taught us what a good horse was supposed be and that a day working in the saddle is really not work at all.

We constantly strive to improve our breeding program and provide quality horses that are good arena prospects and capable of winning at all levels. We look forward to having people ride and enjoy our horses and breed to our Frenchmans Guy stallions Frenchmans Easy Doc and Casino Heist!

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Garrett Henry steer wrestling off of
"Ranger Rol" Holly's son

Blake Henry heeling a steer.

Blake Henry with two of
his rodeo horses...

Garrett Henry winning the 3rd round
at the 2005 CNFR. Garrett was
6th in the nation in 2005.